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Navigating the Letting Go

We all know how hard it is to find quality talent. Generally speaking, we hire too quickly and fire too slowly. As many of us start to have aging work forces, we need to be mindful of what they want or need and what is best for the business…

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Velvet Gloves of Business

When asked for a comment about his thoughts on the TAB Advisory Board meeting experience, our guest described the TAB Board experience in the following way…

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Quick Tips

Measured and Managed

You have probably heard that if you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

What you measure not only gets your attention, but it also draws the focus of your team and is therefore prioritized and improved because the way to success is more clear. No one would start driving across the country without considering the best route; measurement is no different.

By : Bob Zarlengo, Zarlengo Raub LLP

Stress and De-stress

When you focus on the problem, you create stress. When you focus on the solution, you dissolve stress. Don’t forget to do both! Never write down your problems unless at least one solution also goes onto the page.

By : Leyla Pinarli, ClaimFox, Inc.

Growth Until...

A fellow business owner, when asked when he would stop trying to grow his business, recently responded with the following:

"I will continue to grow the company until I can’t find good people to work in it."

Considering how many people there are from which to choose, his meaning should be clear. Growth never stops.

By : Jay Eastland, Engineered Solutions of Georgia